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Posts from ‘June, 2010’

Jun 28


We just had a wonderful weekend in Wuzhen, the town is also known as Venice of the East.. Wuzhen displays its two-thousand-year history in its ancient stone bridges floating on mild water. It was absolutely beautiful.

Jun 22

Shanghai Expo

I got a chance to visit the Expo in shanghai, and it was surprisingly crowded. I did not take many pictures just a few to show. By the Norwegian pavilion there was no queue at the time we arrived (a bit late), and we skipped the most popular once but we managed to visit: Norway, […]

Jun 14

There is a mountain very close to my apartment..  And since there was not a pool weather this Sunday we had to find something interesting to do.. So we went on a hike.. ha ha.. the air was really fresh, not at all like downtown of Beijing..  it turned out to be a good and […]

Jun 12

I finally had a bike tour around the hutongs close to Gulou. We met up at the subway station and rented the bikes for 4 hours, only cost us 10RMB. It was a beautiful day to be out biking. Enjoyed a lot with my colleagues Hattie, Weiland and Eurasia…

Jun 07

Since my house is a bit far from most of my coworkers, there have not been that many chances to hang out together in my part of town. But this weekend we finally had a dinner party at my place. We made a lot of food that day, like Pizza, Pasta salad, potato salad, onion […]

Jun 01

After work..