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Posts from ‘May, 2010’

May 24

E ikkje så ofta eg laga mat, så når det fusta skjer så må eg blogga om det..

May 20

Ghost street

Vivian’s mum is in town so we went to ghost street yesterday to eat frog and spicy “kreps”.. it was super good and decided next time we will only order the kreps..

May 17

Today, the 17th of May is the Norwegian Constitution Day, the National Day of Norway and is an official national holiday each year. The constitution declared Norway to be an independent nation in may 17th 1814. I would really like to be home in Norway today with family and friends; it is in fact 6 […]

May 11

Mi goa vennida Marte har kjupt billett te Beijing.. Eg gleda meg som ein onge.. Hu og mannen kjeme i juli.. Faktisk så reiste eg te Kina i lag me Marte fuste gongen i 2005.. Ska bli kjempe skoy å få na tebakers, nå…  Ska bli ein del shopping tenke eg.. ha ha..

May 10
May 09
May 08

I am addicted.. this weekend we went to KTV (Karaoke TV) again..

May 08

We went for Lunch on the roof top of Bridge, and then headed for a pedicure. After that we took the bus to Xidan.. did some shopping.. We managed to buy some summer clothes, and more.. Heike bought a beautiful red wallet from Prada.. ha ha.. and a pair of Lives.. I got a summer […]

May 04


We spent 5 hours in KTV.. it is my record.. always fun to hang out with my co-workers.. pretty laid back in the sofa after some hours.. ha ha.. In Asia when you go karaoke, you rent a small room, that fits your group of people.. and in there you have everything you need. Big […]

May 03

This weekend I got the chance to go to one of the music festival going on in Beijing for the May holiday. I went with some friends and had a really good time.. the weather was awesome.. lot of people.. and lots of different music..

May 01

My new bike..

Got myself a bike.. I needed to get more opportunities to get some exercise.. and I love it.. today I actually discovered that there are some mountains and beautiful scenery not so far from my house.. so now whenever I got time, I am exploring my area, and find that there are quite a few […]